Belinda Hawkins

 Belinda Hawkins (BMedSc) – P.S.H. Therapy

With a background in medical science and post-graduate training as a P.S.H. therapist, Belinda delights in the incredible changes people can make to their health and happiness when they allow their emotional subconscious mind to resolve their issues instead of consciously trying to talk through or analyse their problems.

Belinda works with people of all ages from children as young as 6 years of age to adults in their later years of life. Special areas of interest include working with children to overcome anxiety type issues and helping people overcome chronic pain issues – be it emotional or physical pain (not surprisingly the two are often interlinked).

Having experienced cancer first hand (twice), Belinda also loves to support people in recovering their quality of life after the trauma of diagnosis. Belinda founded the Embracing Chemo programme in 2012 and the Overcoming Chronic Pain programme in 2017. The Overcoming Chronic Pain programme is run regularly at Entire Physio.

Belinda is available by appointment at Entire Physio on Tuesdays and Fridays.


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