Dr Steven Hawkins

 Hi, my name is Steven Hawkins.

I started working as a Chiropractor in Sydney over 20 years ago – and much of the work I did was acute ‘patch-and-fix’ care. While I was serving a need, I found that some people would re-injure themselves or get sick again because even though they felt better, the underlying problems still remained. So, I began to explore new ways of helping people break the underlying patterns of ill health, rather than just symptom relief.

Now, I think of myself more as a health coach because I love to help people get better, feel better and stay better – being the best they can be. Most of the people I work with consult me on a regular basis. People notice increasing health and vitality, measured both by their own assessment and through computerised testing.

Much of the further study I have done relates to how people adapt and react to everyday stress. Short term stress can actually be good for us. It can keep us alive. But long term stress is different. It can be damaging. It is estimated that 90% of doctor visits in America are for conditions that result from stress. Australia is not significantly different.

The ability of our body to adapt and cope with stressors is the difference between health and illness; the difference between remaining youthful, and aging more quickly. Medical research shows that stress is involved in 60 to 90% of most health issues and is a factor in most disease.

I use instrumentation to measure this. The stress response evaluation measures your ability to react, adapt and recover from stressors in everyday life. Using this measurement, I aim to help you achieve and sustain better health.

Yours sincerely,


Dr Steven Hawkins (Chiropractor)
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