Jodie James

Jodie James

I am a bit of a self-confessed health and wellness nerd. Healthy eating, mindfulness and moving my body in a way that feels good are key factors in keeping me feeling balanced and healthy.

I discovered yoga a few years ago and quickly became addicted to the stillness and calm feeling it brought me after a stressful day at the office. I found myself wanting to share the benefits I had experienced with the people around me and enrolled to become a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher with Heather Agnew from Yoga Trinity.

People often say to me “I want to try yoga but I’m too inflexible”, It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes! To me, yoga is for everyone. It’s not about Instagramming fancy yoga poses and wearing expensive yoga pants, it’s about finding what feels good for you and your body.

Yes, regular yoga practice will help increase your flexibility, but it will also help you to build strength, vitality, quiet your mind, decrease stress and tune in to your body.

Yoga looks different on everybody. As a Yoga teacher it is important to me to provide an inclusive, caring and supportive experience for people wanting to try yoga for the first time, as well as those wanting to further their practice.

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