Lyn Moldrich


Hi, my name is Lyn.

I arrived in Canberra from Western Australia in November 2007, leaving behind a career spanning 23 years as an Early Childhood Teacher. At the time I was experiencing a major personal evolution opening up an inner journey that led me to discover my love of self-inquiry, energy and light work. My journey began with extensive training in energy work qualifying as a Reiki Practitioner, Master and Teacher, also receiving specific training to qualify as a Vitality Specialist, enabling me to offer the unique and wonderful Vitality Treatments.

Training in Aura Soma Colour Therapy came next in the journey bringing a deepening of my understanding of light and energy work. This awe inspiring journey is still unfolding and acquiring the full set of Aura Soma bottles is on my wish list! Having said that, the colour frequencies already reveal themselves and communicate through the energy treatments and readings that I currently do. Energy and light just loves to play !

My love of self-inquiry led me to investigate and engage in“ The Work’ by Byron Katie, a simple yet powerful method of self inquiry to restore peace and clarity when we are believing thoughts that cause suffering and separation within the self and our world. I engage in the work regularly and find it enhances and supports all the work I do, restoring energy flow, peace and lightness of being. I love to facilitate the work for others.

The greatest privilege and most incredible journey I have had is with my family, who continue to be my greatest teachers. Especially Ian, my beautiful husband of 30 years (this January) and my two extraordinary sons, Liam and Callum. I have a new role to play as ‘Ama” beginning a new journey with my 2 gorgeous grandchildren and daughter in law.

I am a very creative soul who tends to work in unique and unusual ways in most areas of my life, and this enables me to do the work that I do! I am passionate about Mother Earth, gardening, walking in nature and although very much an amateur, I just adore taking photographs of nature. (Especially animals and bugs!)

This extraordinary journey has confirmed for me that there is no separation in anything in our universe and that everything is love in action. When it appears otherwise it is time to stop and inquire, listen and look within your own energy being for answers to restore integrity, harmony of oneness and physical health. We can resolve and heal the issues within our beings through compassion, kindness and a willingness to find truth.

All the work I offer is tailored to each individuals needs and is guided by the heart. So no matter where you happen to be upon your journey this work will meet you where you are for your transformation and healing.

I am available for appointments for:

  • Vitality Energy Treatments
  • Reiki Treatments
  • Co– Creation Readings and Inquiry Work
  • Reiki Personal Development Workshops
  • With Aura Soma still to come! I look forward to meeting you soon. 
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