Takako Mizogami


Takako has joined our team of massage therapists. She has over ten years experience as a massage therapist and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and skills. She specialises in Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage, Oncology, Pregnancy and Thai Yoga Massage.
In addition Takako is a Bowen Therapist, and a Quan Yin Reiki G.master initiated by Mikkyo Lama in Japan. Takako combines elements of Fascia Fitness in her sessions and provides Functional Fascia Taping for her clients.
She is also a qualified Biochemic Medicine practitioner and is in the process of completing her qualifications as a Body Harmony 

On a personal note, Takako is a Soto Zen Buddhist with an avid interest in Qigong.  She will be completing her Qigong teacher’s training at the end of May. 
Takako’s style of practice is intuitive, combining Eastern and Western practices to provide a truly unique experience for her clients.

Bowen Therapy for women’s wellness and people with cancer.

Strait method – Scar tissue release

Body harmony

Low pressure fitness / Hypopressive Technique with Postural Breathing exercise, reduce intra Abdominal pressure and improves core strength.

Pregnancy Massage

Takako is available for appointments on Tuesday and Thursday.

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