Heat Packs

Feeling tired and sore? Entire Physio stocks two different styles of handmade wheat filled heat packs to help relieve muscle tightness and pain. Including our specialised “fan” heat pack which is designed to sit snugly on the shoulders without needing support, and can also wrap around the hips and lower back area with ease.

Heat therapy has long been associated with comfort and relaxation but it also has therapeutic benefits. It can provide pain relief and increase healing of some injuries. Want to know how it works? Applying heat to an area allows the blood vessels in that area to dilate, which leads to an increase of blood flow (and therefore oxygen, nutrients etc) into the affected tissues. The increase of blood flow in the tissues also ensures a more efficient exchange of waste products and toxins from the cells. Additionally, heat packs act as pain relievers by stimulating the specialised pain receptors in your skin, which decreases the frequency of pain messages which are sent to the brain. The muscles and other soft tissue in the area also relax with the application of heat, reducing spasm and increasing pliability, which decreases the chance of further injury.

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