Space Clearing

Space Clearing

Space Clearing

Space Clearing Mist – fantastic to use when you feel that negative energies or entities are invading your space. Helps create and maintain boundaries while removing the negative energies from within your aura and environment. Clears mental, emotional and psychic energies and removes tension from difficult situations. Perfect for creating a sacred space and for using as part of ritual, has the same effects as smudging but with a nicer smell! Easy to use: Just mist or spray into the air as required


Negative Condition

Negative mental, emotional & psychic energies

Disharmonious or unpleasant environments


Positive Outcome

Enhances sacred space

Clears negative and psychic energies

Creates harmonious environments

Allows one to feel still and reflective


Bush Flower Essences:

Angelsword, Boab, Fringed Violet, Lichen and Red Lily.

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