Australian Bush Flower Essence Consultation


Practitioner – Leigh Reid

Bush flowers2Flower essences have been used around the world for thousands of years by many ancient cultures. Here in Australia Aboriginals have long used the power of flowers for healing.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) are a safe form of vibrational healing developed by 5thgeneration Australian herbalist Ian White.

Bush flowers4  Bush flowers3The essences are created by immersing flowers from a pristine area of the Australian landscape in water which absorbs their vibrational healing qualities. This water is then used to make the essences.

The ABFE are a very powerful, yet often subtle form of healing, and are completely self adjusting working directly with the higher self of the individual to only work in ways in which the individual is ready for.

As such you can often have the same essence come up a number of times as you delve deeper into an issue and are ready to release and shift more. However this also means that they are completely safe to use as if you are not ready for a certain essence then it will simply not work. The essences contain no harmful constituents, or allergens, and as such are completely safe to take. They can be safely used by anyone including pregnant women, children, and pets.

The essences work deeply on all aspects of the self; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

After the initial consultation the client will leave with a dose bottle of essences designed specifically for them to work on the issue that they have determined.

7 drops of this essence is then taken under the tongue morning and night for 2 weeks, or a period of time deemed to be most appropriate for the client.

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