Chakra Balance Massage

Practitioner – Lyn Moldrich

Experience the relaxation and restorative touch of a Chakra Balance Massage.

This is a gentle massage using crystals, sound, breath-work and the Aura Soma®

Colour System oils.

The Chakra Balance Massage may help restore

* balance to the whole body

* energy where energy has been depleted

* balance to all levels of wellbeing- emotional, physical, mental and spiritual

* your ability to be present in your body

* a sense of peace and calm

The body’s energy Centre’s or chakras can get out of balance through everyday living and the stresses of a typical modern lifestyle. Stress plays a significant role in many illnesses. A massage session can help with depression, worry, anger and anxiety. It often helps to release old fears and concerns, restoring feelings of confidence, optimism, joy, balance and wellness.

Spiritually an opening to higher intuition and an opportunity for your soul to feel deeply nurtured.

Please allow 2 hours to receive this special treatment. When making your appointment, it is best to choose a day when you can have some quiet time to integrate and rest following your treatment.

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