Co – Creation Readings

Practitioner – Lyn Moldrich

A Co- creation reading is an opportunity to have an honest discussion with your Higher Self so that your own inner wisdom and guidance can be made available to you. The Co- Creation cards are like an energetic tool kit and are used as keys to open energy pathways to receive information from your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self knows your potential and is very eager to communicate and inspire!

My role is to be a clear channel to receive and communicate this guidance with clarity, unconditional love and compassion.

Co-creation readings occur in present time to work with your current life issues and questions, they are not designed to be predictive or clairvoyant, although the next steps to a situation may become apparent when a balanced perspective is restored.

Is there more to life and myself than I already know?

Can I gain insight into my relationship issues ?

Why do I feel angry, depressed, lonely and confused ?

Are there parts of myself that I’m not aware of ?

Why do I feel lost and confused and don’t know which way to turn?

Can I get insight into the patterns and choices I keep making, but want to change?

Why do I feel uncomfortable in particular situations or with certain people?

Why do I have persistent physical health issues even when I take care of myself?

If you are wanting to self inquire and find solutions to issues in your life or even if you are just curious to know if there is more to life and yourself than you currently know, then a Co-Creation reading may be a good place to start! You have the solutions you are looking for and I would love to help you find them!


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