Hot Stone Massage

Practitioner –  Pearl van der Straaten

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient form of massage used by the Indians, Chinese and Native American Indians. It is a wonderfully relaxing massage utilising relaxation and remedial massage techniques with hot stones to penetrate deeply and gently into the soft tissues of the body.


The stones, usually basalt, retain the heat and release it into tight muscles, allowing them to relax and release tension quickly and easily, the heat also opens the pores of the skin allowing the therapeutic oils to be absorbed into the body. The heated stones are used in two ways, to work the muscles directly and they are also placed on certain acupressure or trigger points on the body. Hot stone massage relieves muscle tension and pain, improves circulation and lymph flow, improves immune function, aids relaxation and a mental switching off, allows for a greater connection with self and opens the pores and aids in healthy skin.

hot stones

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