Pregnancy Massage

Practitioners – Al BevanTakako MizogamiKaren McKay and Pearl van der Straaten


Pregnancy Massage or pre-natal massage can be a wonderful treatment to help your body through the stress and changes that occur during pregnancy. Utilising a combination of remedial and relaxation techniques a treatment will be created specifically for you, to alleviate those areas of tension, tightness and discomfort that are inevitable during pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage is only performed after the first trimester of pregnancy but can be carried out any time up to birth. A pregnancy massage is carried out with the client in the sidelying position, with pillows to support her so that she is comfortable.

Pregnancy massage can help with reducing pain and discomfort involved in carrying a child; lower back pain, sciatic pain, swelling, muscle cramps, alleviating insomnia, lowering blood pressure, soothing the nervous system, decreasing stress and promoting relaxation, and provides an emotionally supportive environment for the mother to connect with her child and have some time out just for herself.

Woman’s health physiotherapy, pre and peri natal Pilates, pregnancy KaHuna and Natropathy are also available at Entire Physio to assist and support you during your pregnancy.

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