Meditation is becoming an increasingly important practice in today’s busy world. It provides us with the opportunity to take a few minutes to still the mind and breathe energy into our bodies.


The aim of the practice is to consciously direct your attention inward in order to alter your state of consciousness, creating a feeling of calmness and relaxation. It brings your mind back to the present, relaxes your body and helps to reduce the level of adrenaline in your body.


Our meditation classes are based on the principle of mindfulness and provide you with tools to bring your mind back to being present. It is a simple nonjudgmental way of taming excessive thinking, disempowering unnecessary stress and reclaiming enjoyment of life.

These classes are perfect if you are finding life stressful, and hard to manage, or if you are simply interested in expanding your awareness to find a calmer and more relaxed way of being.


We run 8 meditation classes per school term.

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