Practitioner – Simone Roxburgh & Jocelyn Carter


Naturopathic therapies include, nutrition, homoeopathy, herbalism, many forms of massage and tactile (touch) therapies (Simone has studied all of these but does not currently provide massage). Naturopaths regard their profession both as complementary to the medical profession and as preventative medicine. Naturopaths recognise the innate intelligence and inherent healing ability of the body; great emphasis is placed on preventive medicine.


What happens in an initial consultation?

A comprehensive patient history is taken that includes your current health concerns but also your health history and all systems of the body (ie digestive, nervous system etc) The treatment plan may include nutritional advice such as therapeutic dietary changes or vitamin and mineral supplementation and Herbal Medicines may also be prescribed. As an ethical practitioner, Simone will give you the minimal number of herbs/supplements needed for optimal healing. Pathology test results are also assessed and in many cases Simone may be working in collaboration with your GP or other health professionals. She works in a holistic and evidence based manner to treat the source issue and each person is given an individualised treatment that fits with their needs and preferences ie if they prefer tablet form over liquid/powders.


Do I need to bring anything to the first appointment?

Please bring along a list of your current medications or herbs/supplements if applicable. There is no need to have any testing prior to coming in however if you have recent blood test results it is helpful to bring a copy of the results with you. 


Can I claim back through a private health fund?

If you are covered for Naturopathy you will be able to claim back the consultation fee (not products purchased)


What are Simone’s qualifications?

She holds a Bachelor of Naturopathy and has undertaken additional study in meditation through the Relax Kids and Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation courses.



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