Specialised Kinesiology

Practitioner: Patty Zorzetto

Kinesiology is the study of body movement. It is a gentle, non- invasive process that uses muscle testing and muscle bio-feedback via the body’s nerve pathways. Muscle testing is the process of applying gentle pressure on an indicator muscle to determine where imbalances or stress may be effecting a person’s overall wellbeing.


Kinesiology bypasses conscious thought processes by allowing your body to speak. This helps to identify any issues that are hidden subconsciously. Once these are revealed, the mind and body can begin to heal.


Long term stress can manifest in a number of conditions. Poor sleep, anxiety, lack of concentration, tiredness, sense of overwhelm and isolation, lack of motivation and disrupted eating patterns are just a few.


Patty can assist to overcome these and assist with:

  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety
  • Addictive Behaviours
  • Limiting Beliefs and patterns
  • Goal Setting, focus and motivation
  • Physical and Emotional Wellbeing


Your body doesn’t lie. Just as it shows you what the issue is, it also tells you what it needs to re-establish mind body balance.


Patty uses a number of techniques including:

  • stimulation of acupressure and neuro lymphatic points
  • meridian massage
  • exercises that promote co-ordination and brain function
  • reiki
  • tissue salts and flower essences
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique


More information about Patty and her services can be found on www.mindbodybal.net

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