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Please call the clinic if you are booking this appointment within two hours of the appointment (02 6299 5183)


Please insure that if you have not previously seen a physiotherapist at Entire Physio book an Initial Appointment. If you are requiring an extended appointment please call the office (02 6299 5183)

  Lara Bowyer

Initial Appointment

Standard Appointment

  Emma Eaton

Initial Appointment

Standard Appointment

Massage Therapy

If you would like any other massage type that is also a 60 minute appointment, then please write the appointment need in the box below.
If you would like any other massage appointments that are not 60 minutes, please phone the clinic.

Please take note, Therapeutic Appointments are not covered by private health insurance.

  Al Bevan

Remedial Appointment

  Pearl van der Straaten

Remedial Appointment

Jade Spinaze

Therapeutic Appointment

Miguel Oringo

Therapeutic Appointment

Takako Mizogami

Remedial Appointment


Your first appointment is a fact finding mission where Jocelyn will gather information on many aspects of your health and lifestyle, including your medical history and current symptoms, eating habits, and what medications and/or supplements you take on a regular basis. Information you provide at this appointment will determine treatment options available to you.

After this appointment Jocelyn will conduct any necessary research to ensure you have the best possible outcome from her treatment plan.

Where necessary Jocelyn will provide symptomatic relief from the most urgent signs and symptoms.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete your health history form before your appointment.

Initial Consolation

Follow Up Consultation

Follow up appointments will review your progress and make any necessary changes to your prescription.



P.S.H. Therapy

Belinda looks forward in working with you.

P.S.H. Therapy Appointment

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