Practitioner – Fiona Wood

Individual and couples counselling is available on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.

Individual counselling

Fiona offers individual counselling sessions for people aged 18 years and over. You may:

  • Have a specific issue or life circumstance you are dealing with right now such as an illness, relationship problem, breakup, family crisis, depression, anxiety, inner turmoil, loss of some kind (e.g. job, house, physical ability), death of somebody close to you, or
  • A general need to bring more clarity, contentment and joy into your life.

Fiona draws on a number of different models of insight and change using primarily narrative and expressive modalities. These include talking, reflecting, mindfulness exercises, guided visualisations, drawing, writing and utilising on visual tools such as photographic cards.

She recognises that everybody is unique and so uses appropriate techniques to suit your particular needs and preferences. And always in consultation with you.

Couples counselling

Couples counselling provides a safe and caring place for you to both:

  • express your concerns
  • better understand the dynamics at play
  • improve communication and understanding
  • explore your values and change behaviours based on these values
  • nurture the closeness and connection that comes from your relationship while allowing for individual expressions and needs to be met.

It can be seen as a preventative tool as it allows you to become closer and builds a foundation of understanding and commitment into the future.

Couples counselling can also be beneficial for couples who are struggling or in crisis mode, where one or both of you are considering ending the relationship. In this case, as well as the above, couples counselling can:

  • assist you to identify and explore the underlying issue/s
  • provide a caring and safe environment where you can talk things through with an impartial mediator
  • assist you make an informed decision about the way forward
  • ensure both people feel supported and heard throughout
  • assist in the healing process moving forward whichever path is chosen.

Appointments are available on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.

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